teebee specs


We currently ship to:
Canada, European Union, Norway, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

For Australia and New Zealand we have a local distribution agreement with Axis Toys ltd. Go to www.axistoys.com/teebee-stockists to see where you can buy your Teebee.

For US we have a local distribution agreement with Fat Brain Toy Co. To see more go to www.fatbraintoys.com

For China we have a local distribution agreement with Qmadou 

Our delivery times are currently:

Denmark: 1-2 weekdays

Other EU countries: 5-8 days

Rest of the world: 6-10 days


VAT and taxes

Teebees purchased and sold inside the EU are covered with Danish VAT and are subject to no further costs. Products shipped outside EU is subject to local VAT and import tax. Please check up with your local regulations in order to get information.


Distributors and wholesalers

If you are keen to distribute or buy Teebee in bulk, please get in touch with the team at info@teebeebox.com


What material is Teebee made of?  

Teebee is made of non-toxic ABS plast. It is Bispethanol A and phtalate free. The strap is made from genuine cow leather. 


Is Teebee a certified toy 

Yes, Teebee is CE-marked and tested against EN71, ASTM 963 and AU/NZ 8124 toy regulations and fulfill all requirements for EU, US and Australian/New Zealand legal requirements for toys +3 years. 


Can I attach the Teebee strap to the seat belt ?

Please be aware that the use of the strap in the car or plane or other vehicles is optional.
Fastening the strap to a seat belt could compromise the seat belt's functionality and the manufacturers warranty. If in doubt it is recommended to check with the car manufacturer/child seat manufacturer  for more information. 


What is the maximum support weight on the plates?  

The maximum weight supported by the plates are depending on where you put the pressure. We advise you to refrain from placing any heavy object on the lids, neither supported nor unsupported. 

Is the Teebee liquid proof?  

Yes, the bottom and sides are solid. We advise you to not pour hot liquids in it as it might affect the materials durability.  Please do not move it around with any liquid inside as the lid does not close tight. It is not a sealed container.


Can I wash my Teebee

Yes, Teebee can be dish washed below 65 degree Celcius but we recommend to hand wash it. Please remove the leather strap before putting it in contact with water. 
Be aware that washing Teebee can affect the performance of the adhesive on the supplied sticker as well as the look of the protective film. 


Is it food safe?  

Yes, the Teebee is food safe. We have tested against FDA 21 CFR 180.22 & 181.32 and European LGFB based on EX76/769/EEC and EC 1935/2004 as a food contact material. 


If I have any further questions can I contact you?  

Write us an e-mail on: info@teebeebox.com we’ll be happy to answer all your questions.  


Patent information

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