For your favorite toys

Kids love to pack toys when going somewhere.
Teebee enables kids to pack their favorite doohickey or whatchamacallit - even the small ones which were difficult to play with in the car before.
Teebee is suited for all kinds of toys: Lego, Pokemon cards, beads, drawing board, cars, figurines etc. They all fit in either the large compartment or the smart sorting tray.

Everywhere you go

Kids are always having the most fun with their toys five minutes before you need to leave.
Teebee lets your kids bring whatever they are playing with and take it with them. No matter how you are travelling or wherever you go, your kids can open Teebee and continue playing.

Use it as a lunch box

Have you tried handing your kid a simple sandwich in the backseat and 2 minutes later you don't know whether they have eaten it or played tennis with it? Crumbs everywhere! 

Teebee works well as a lunch box making sure that clothes and seats stay clean. 

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